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There are some objectives in order to complete this Development of Solar Photovoltaic Remote Monitoring System.

  •  To use solar photovoltaic as a supply the energy
  •  To use GSM as a modem to send and receive SMS via mobile phone for user
  • To receive the parameters reading of the photovoltaic at 7:00pm automatically
  • To know the performance of photovoltaic by sending SMS via mobile phone from 9:00am to 7:00pm

                To use visual basic as a programming to display the performance of photovoltaic in laptop
Solar PV remote monitoring system block diagram

The figure show the overall overview which is consist  of the solar panel as the input to current interfacing card board (CICB) as interfacing medium to output which is main computer to display and monitoring the current and voltage  of solar panel performance by using visual basic software. After that the data will be uploading to the GSM as a input and GSM modem will be transfer the data to the mobile when the signal form mobile is trigger.

CICB Block Diagram
                   The diagram show the CICB Block diagram divided to four parts, which is power supply, input, microcontroller and output.

Power supply
Provide +12v +5v -12v -5v and ground power supply to CICB board
Current transducer
to measure current from PV array
Op amp circuit
The operation amplifier circuit act as amplify the signal voltage from current transducer to ADC port PIC 16F877A microcontroller.
PIC 16F877A
Microcontroller will process analog voltage signal from op amp circuit transmit the data to laptop through RS232 circuit and display current and voltage value.
Interface circuit from microcontroller to laptop

Relay is use to control the high voltage 240V by microcontroller and the LED as a indicator for the relay on/off
Display data current and voltage
Alarm warning


Based on the explanation proposal above, we expected that the project will come out with true experience on hands skill assemble, find out fault finding software and hardware decision. . The proposed techniques will be useful in determining some important reliability parameters of the solar photovoltaic systems and will provide information using the GSM. The GSM is one of device can submit message to user to control and easy to monitoring the system for example is agro-tech industry is applied. The combination between hardware and software will be producing the output result as a planning. The application of photovoltaic monitoring system center can be apply in solar Generation power plant or Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) to provide current and voltage real time reading and daily data logger performance to photovoltaic researcher. This project also can apply to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system on Photovoltaic Grid Tie System to control load consumption. The project also can be use as maximum power device controller to maximize the use of power generated to load power consumption using concept power maximum theorem. 
Besides that, this project based from solar panel as a device to generated energy. The student will gain the knowledge about the photovoltaic system. The photovoltaic system is commonly used in our country which is Malaysia and it is good to learn how the solar panel works and can use in working environment. This project is related where student in electrical engineering background. In the future the photovoltaic system will become one of important the energy sources in the future and will replace the energy that use gas and coal. The government also encourages the student to learn or do research of photovoltaic system.
This project also will help the developer or the energy researcher to find out the strategic location for build solar power station or in solar. The works to know the performance of solar will become more easily and can handle in the office. It will save the time. In addition, this project hopefully can be useful since it can be upgraded and applied for any type of power plant.

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